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This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes the company’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31.03.2019.

Our Organisation

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) Ltd whilst being part of the Hitachi family operates solely in the United Kingdom from several locations. The company’s registered office being Monkton Business Park North, Hebburn, Tyne & Wear, NE31 2JZ.

Our supply chain comprises of the importation of construction equipment and spare parts from Hitachi group companies located in The Netherlands and Japan. Sourcing local materials and the use of subcontractors for the purpose of manufacturing and maintenance of construction equipment and the delivery of services to our customers.

Our Policy on Slavery and Human Trafficking

The company is committed to conducting business ethically and to minimising the risk of slavery or human trafficking in our own business and in our supply chains as much as possible.

The company has since implemented the following policy ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy’ aimed at preventing the use of any supplies or services within the organisation which does conform within the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Supply Chain

Respecting human rights and environmental issues is at the forefront of our vision. The company continues to work with our suppliers and business partners to ensure that the provision of goods or services adheres to the company’s expected standards.

Training and Staff Involvement

This statement has been approved by the company’s Board of Directors. Managers of the company are required to act where concerns are raised whether from inside or outside the business.

All employees are expected to be aware of and to follow the company’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy. In order to ensure proper understanding of the risks posed by modern slavery and human trafficking, the company aims to provide periodic face to face training and e-learning courses to its employees.

Related Policies

  • HCMUK Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • HCMUK Whistleblowing Policy
  • HCM Group Codes of Conduct
  • Hitachi Group Human Rights Policy
  • HCMUK Business Partner Due Diligence Policy

Our Progress to Date

Over the last year, we have:

  1. Revised Slavery and Human Trafficking and Business Partner Due Diligence Policies

  2. New suppliers now receive a communication re: Supplier Quality Questionnaire with regards to our stance on Slavery and Human Trafficking from the outset of our business relationship.

Our Future Plans

  1. Employees currently employed by the company will receive mandatory training and/or communications with regards to the policies listed and any future developments.

  2. The company’s approach to modern slavery to be communicated to all major current suppliers.


David Roberts


Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) Ltd


Please email for all questions regarding this statement and to request copies of the policies listed.

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